The Unique Consignment Reference (UCR) is an electronic reference document used to uniquely identify an Import Consignment. It should be created as early as possible during the import process - normally as soon as exporter and importer have agreed sale. It is a pre-cursor of all other documents created for a consignment (ePermits, eExemptions, eImport Declaration Form [eIDF] and Customs Declarations).

Process Description

To obtain a UCR, you should complete these steps:

  1. Scan required supporting documents (Commercial Invoice).
  2. Create the UCR and attach the scanned documents.
  3. Submit UCR.
  4. UCR is automatically approved.
  5. Copy of UCR is sent to Ghana Customs Management System

Inputs Needed

  1. Commercial Invoice


  1. Importer must have registered with Ghana Revenue Authority for a New TIN (Prefix P, C, V, G or Q)
  2. User must be registered with GCNet to use the eMDA Module