The Duties and Taxes payable are automatically calculated at the time of submission of the Bill of Entry (BoE). Payment must be made through an authorised bank before further processing can take place.

Process Description

The Bill of Entry Sub-process contains 4 basic steps:

  1. Declarant submits a Bill of Entry (BoE) to Customs, at which time the duty and taxes payable are automatically calculated.
  2. Payment may be made in the form of either cash or bank draft at one of two authorised banks:
    1. Ecobank
    2. Ghana Commercial Bank
  3. The bank confirms receipt of the payment and will issue an official receipt for the full amount.
  4. The BoE status is updated to paid and is routed to Customs Document Verification / Compliance for the next stage of the process.

Inputs Needed

  1. BoE Number
  2. Duty and Tax calculation on BoE
  3. Cash / Bank Draft


  1. BoE submitted successfully