Customs Examination is the physical verification of the cargo to ensure that it is consistent with the information declared on the Bill of Entry (BoE).

Process Description

The Customs Examination Sub-process contains 5 basic steps:

  1. The driver of the vehicle carrying the cargo opens it to give access to Customs.
  2. The Customs Examination Officer verifies the cargo.
  3. The Customs Examination Officer makes a decision on further processing:
    1. Approve the BoE for immediate clearance  
    2. Flag an issue
  4. In cases where the BoE is not approved, the Customs Declarant must either:
    1. Submit additional information to answer the issue, or
    2. Re-submit the BoE to address the issues identified in the Rejected BoE
  5. In cases of serious discrepancy, a Customs Offence Report (COR) may be raised.

Inputs Needed

  1. Bill of Entry
  2. Cargo for inspection


  1. BoE submitted successfully
  2. Duty and Taxes paid
  3. Document Verification / Compliance completed